A devastating power trio from Humboldt County, CA, The Sturgeons bring their special brand of psychotic surf thrash everywhere they go.  They've been described as "surfy Black Flag on mushrooms" and "Primus on steroids," but we all know it's just Sturge.

The Sturgeons have been making the Pacific Northwest bleed fun since 2015.  Gaining speed and momentum, they've got their sights set on the world at large, touring their 2019 self-produced release FIGURE IT OUT.  Having supported names like Green Milk From the Planet Orange and Big Business, they're swimming upstream fast with loyal fans who are proud to shout, "We are The Sturgeons, and so are you!"

"If you love Dead Kennedys, DRI as a crossover surf metal band, Victim's Family, extreme punk rock in general or think these comparisons are lame because these dudes are just killing it with their own brand of psychotic freedom riding, you should support them by purchasing a physical copy of their brand new full length album on this attractively packaged compact disc. I mean, hey, the lyrics are included and I made a pretty good run on sentence."  Bandon Taylor, owner, The Works Record Store, Eureka, CA

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Arcata, CA, United States

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